ARKanum is an inclusive community of Muslim-American youth that strive to perfect their faith and establish lifelong friendship.

Practical Projects

Beyond theory, we introduce two significant projects each semester, rooted in our core values. This hands-on approach ensures mentees apply their knowledge, emphasizing community care, kindness, and love—values championed by Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Arkanum's Mentorship Philosophy:

At Arkanum, we believe in transformative mentorship that goes beyond traditional schooling. Our program infuses God-consciousness in our youth, aiming for a profound shift in character from the moment they join us.

Holistic Learning

Our sessions adopt an interconnected approach. Initially, we impart foundational Islamic knowledge, guiding our mentees on where and how to begin their spiritual journey. Every session is meticulously crafted, merging religious teachings, engaging activities, and character enhancement. These are grounded in our curriculum's triad: duty to God, duty to others, and duty to self.

Mentor's Influence

Our mentors are more than just teachers; they're role models. Their devout lifestyle, punctuality in prayers, and adherence to Islamic principles become a living lesson for our youth. Through their actions, they inspire a generation to walk on the path of righteousness, just as observing others during Ramadan motivates collective spirituality.

For Teens

ARK Teens was the first or ARKanum’s endeavors, serving teens between the age of 12 and 16. The ARK Teens program is designed to nuture spirituality, confidence, and sense of belonging to the community. Sports, travel and community events expand the curriculum, and our dedicated staff is always involved to help the students thrive.

Components of Teens Program

Team Building & Fun

Talent Development

      Informal learning


The people in arkanum are like my second family. The people are very nice and the games we play are really fun. I would rate it 5 stars!

Laila E. •ARK Teen

For Juniors

The ARK Juniors program is for kids between the ages of 7 and 11. The Juniors find an extended family waiting for them, and can rely on the Teens for mentoring, advice, and guidance. As Juniors, the students will take part in a fun but comprehensive curriculum that preserves the Muslim identity while building roots in the community.

We hope all our ARK Juniors will move up to join ARK Teens and ARK Advanced when the time comes.

Components of Juniors Program

Character Building

Informal Learning

Talent Development


I learned a lot about worship. I like that we do activities. I like that i can make friends.

ARK Junior Member

Mentor's Fellowship

This program is tailored for college students and young professionals demonstrate the capacity to lead and and empathize with others. Mentoring allows them to develop communication and organizational skills, whilst reaping benefits from the program.


Every semester, Arkanum mentors and mentees go on a retreat to a nearby state. Our retreats allow mentees to bond with their mentors through our nightly prayers (qiyam), quranic recitations and engaging activities. All of which create unforgettable memories that nuture the hearts of the youth and bring them closer to Allah (SWT).

Maine Retreat (October 2015)

Our First retreat will always have its special memories

NH Ramadan Retreat (June 2016)

Our first ramadan retreat. Catching fish for iftar!

Vermont Summer Retreat (July 2016)

We had the most fun ! No cell service. No power and we still had a blast.

New York Retreat (October 2016)

200ft underground! The largest underground caves in the North East with rivers that fellow inside. Sobhana Allah, we got to see one of Allah’s beautiful creations.

Ski Retreat (January 2017)

Great time to see Pro’s helping the beginners and watching their reactions.

Ramadan Retreat (June 2017)

Ramadan retreats are always amazing. Teen make suhour, Iftar, Quran circles, pray tarawhe, games , campfires , lectures , discussions ……. Just Amazing !!!

Summer Camps

International Trips

Embark on a transformative journey with Arkanum

Bosnia & Croatia

Experience a truly unforgettable 7-day venture exploring the amazing beauty resulting from the blended Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian cultural histories!

South Africa

Experience a truly unforgettable 8-day intensive trip to Africa’s most exotic destination that combines awe-inspiring nature exploration, thrilling adventure, and richly rewarding community work.


Egypt is a land that invites you to experience the thrill of discovery! The many monuments and artifacts that reveal its ancient history are impressive and mysterious. The country’s vast desert, beautiful Nile and coastal seas are full of surprises.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is truly one of the most lush and beautiful countries in Central America! Here, natural preservation is a high priority, so this adventure allows you to experience nature in its near unspoiled state. This 8-day trip includes a wide range of exploration and adventure for all skill levels.


Once the heart of the world during the Ottoman and Byzantine empires, Turkey remains a country of great intrigue in the global sphere. Its geography, located in Asia and in Europe, makes Turkey naturally multicultural.

Austria, Slovenia, & Italy

The natural beauty of Austria, Slovenia and Italy is breathtaking! For the first time ever, Arkanum Adventures is offering an intensive adventure through the heart of these magnificent alps! You will inhale all their beauty while enjoying a week of excitement that includes canyoning, abseiling, caving, paragliding, skydiving, and much more!


Alluring islands bordered by charming beaches, wildlife beyond imagination inside wonderful national parks, and culturally diverse cites with incredible sights, sounds, and food – all promise to overwhelm your senses in Malaysia!


The cradle of Islamic civilization for centuries, Spain is now a unique host of the most interesting and diverse cultures in the world. An extraordinary composite of Middle Eastern, European and North African cultures, Spain is irrefutably a must-visit destination!

Kenya & Tanzania

Our latest adventure to Kenya & Tanzania.

Over the course of 2 long weeks: We built a school in partnership with Have A Dream, played with cows on Paje beach, Zanzibars top spot, saw the Big Five in the largest wildlife conservation in Kenya, and took every transportation known to man.