In a world where Muslim values are not the cultural norm, Arkanum is an accessible resource that can help our Muslim youth grow into grounded and firm believers of Allah (SWT). 



Arkanum started back in 2015 as a small, passionate group of individuals who saw the need for change in their community. Led by the founder, AbuBakr Fakhry, the goal was to revitalize the community with a program of excitement, character-development and Islamic enrichment.

“Our group was formed as an answer to the problems within the Muslim community in Boston” AbuBakr Fakhry

Our program was tailored to develop our youth into young adults who promote peace and who proudly display their Islamic heritage. Through various retreats into the forests of Maine where kids give up their electronics and dive into Islamic history or our weekly sessions that include our long greetings and even longer goodbye’s, the mentees develop a sense of responsibility towards their community that stays with them for a lifetime.


Arkanum is nothing more than a passionate team of volunteers but through this team, we have been able to serve over 400 kids in the surrounding Boston area and we are still growing. Through our program, under the guidance of established, young Muslim adults, we hope to encourage our youth to seek the path of tolerance, kindness, success and love.


In 2023, Arkanum has evolved into a dynamic platform that stands at the forefront of youth empowerment within the Muslim-American community. Through its holistic mentorship approach, the organization seamlessly merges foundational Islamic teachings with practical community projects, all under the guidance of dedicated mentors who lead by example. With an expanded reach and a commitment to nurturing character, Arkanum continues to inspire a generation of youth, equipping them with essential life skills and spiritual knowledge, and fostering deep connections rooted in faith and camaraderie.


Arkanum strives to become the model for Islamic youth programs in Western society by sharing and applying our blueprint to other communities. We hope this blueprint can help the Muslim youth grow and thrive nationwide through the enforcement of high standards of character and shared accountability.


To develop well-rounded Muslim-Americans through mentorships so that they become agents of positive change in their communities whle remaining faithful to islamic values and traditions


Arkanum functions through a mentor, mentee relationship. Our mentors are hand selected individuals who are Islamically oriented, kind and civically active. They are also Muslims who have grown up in America and have experienced the trials and tribulations of being Muslim while also being American. We believe our mentorship structure allows the kids to form closer bonds with one another and receive real life advice from their mentor who is close in age and can relate to them. Mentors establish a friendship with their mentee and guide them towards achievable goals. This relationship is one of the most unique attributes of Arkanum as the mentors become a lifelong friend and contact for the mentees.

Our Leaders Inspire Us

A key attribute of Arkanum is leadership. Leadership is taking responsibility when needed and growing from those moments. Leaders are compassionate and  And most importantly, being a leader means being a role model.

We have an incredible board of directors that are all leaders with years of experience in various fields. They serve as role models for the rest of Arkanum and remind us that being Muslim, compassionate and a leader is not only possible but worthwhile. Each and every one of our leaders holds a special place in our hearts and from their example, the youth can grow into the next generation of leaders.

Abubakr Fakhry
Founder & Director

Abubakr Fakhry is the founder of ARKanum youth program that began in June 2015. Abubakr is a Canadian citizen who grew up in Egypt. For years, Abubakr made his living as an electrical engineer until he allowed his real passion, youth development, to totally redirect his energy!


Mervat Zaghloul 
Assistant Director

Mervat Zaghloul (also known as mama, khalo, tunt Mervat) joined ARKanum in their first year. Mervat has a Master's in Early Childhood Education and is the Al-Bustan preschool director. Mervat loves kids and enjoys working with them. Mervat is also part of ARK juniors and she is the director assistant in both ARKanum and ARK juniors. Her new hobby since she joined ARKanum is traveling.

Mahmoud El-Rifai

Cohort Lead/Lectures Developer

High School Boys

Mahmoud has a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering and is currently working on his master's in psychology. He is a research assistant at Harvard Medical School, and is currently working on neuroscience research. Mahmoud joined ARKanum about 4 years ago and since joining ARKanum he feels like he's gained a second family. Mahmoud's goal is to work with kids on building a strong personality and wishes to create a safe environment for them to grow and learn.


Sara Ramram

Cohort Lead


Sara Ramram, a UMass Boston graduate, is an advocate for youth empowerment. She excelled as an ARKanum Peer Mentor and Program Manager, creating a nurturing environment for mentees. Sara actively contributed to Shriners Children’s Hospital and Charity Week. Graduating with a degree in Political Science and a minor in English, her academic achievements reflect her commitment to community and education.


Bahiya Nasuuna

Cohort Lead

High School Girls 

Bahiya Nasuuna is a Public Health Sciences graduate from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a minor in Psychology. She received her master's degree in Public Health from Tufts University and now works as a full-time Curriculum Manager at Tufts University's School of Medicine Office of Educational Affairs. Bahiya is a mentor at Arkanum and has participated in two international trips. She is now a cohort leader in the program and enjoys working with the rest of the team.


Ruqayah Al-Ashabi

Cohort Lead/Retreat Manager

Middle School Girls 

Ruqayah Al-Ashabi is a driven and energetic ARKanum Peer mentor. She recently graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts from Clark University, and her academic achievements reflect her hardwork and dedication to building a safe and welcoming environment. Ruqayah started her ARKanum journey in 2021, and has been a strong part of our team. While being a mentor, Ruqayah also took the lead in planning our past retreats, and has this year’s role of Retreat Coordinator, where her skills of leadership and creativity work together and shine through.


Malik Sadeddin

Cohort Lead/Social Media

High School Boys

Malik Sadeddin is an IT and program management professional with experience in leadership, communication, and data center management. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and Business Management from the Wentworth Institute of Technology. As a Mentor and Social Media Lead at ARKanum, Malik assists young Muslims in navigating challenges related to their faith and cultural identity.


Abdelrahman Baraka

Cohort Lead

High School Boys



Imane Samari

Cohort Assistant/Projects Developer

Imane Samari is a dedicated and enthusiastic mentor at ARKanum with a demonstrated track record of growth in her leadership skills. With previous experience in other leadership programs, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as both a mentor and member of the leadership team. Her Bachelor's degree in Biology and minor in Psychology showcase her ambition and enthusiasm, which are evident in her exceptional performance in planning semester projects and serving as a mentor.


Sidra Alani